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New Walker Zanger

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Walker Zanger’s New Lumineux Collection speaks to luxury and bold design. This very special collection showcases the gem-like beauty of semi-precious stones in bold colors and intriguing patterns – ideal for when you are looking for stone that is far from ordinary.





Decorative Stone

An homage to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Character, Walker Zanger’s New Stardust Collection is inspired by ’70s interior design, early new wave, space exploration, and the textural surface of the moon. Made from glazed basalt, or lava stone, it’s a material that’s a core element of Earth, hence its namesake – everything in our solar system is literally made of “Stardust.” This unique collection builds on a traditional European technique of glazing large pieces of lava stone for use as counters. In Stardust Walker Zanger brings this technique to smaller tiles to create patterns that combine different shapes and colors with glam-ready gloss and metallic glazes. Rock it to the moon and back.





Capturing the look and feel of exotic veined marble in the durability of porcelain tile, Walker Zanger’s Sequoia collection brings beauty and brawn to residential and commercial flooring. With natural stone-like variation and true to the touch feel, this collection elevates porcelain to a new level. Through the application of the most advanced glazing technology and surface treatment the tile’s surface has the exact look and feel of brushed stone in perfect shades of grey, taupe and cream.





Thinner than traditional stone slabs. Walker Zanger’s New Porcelain Slabs let you create a luxurious marble look in a wide range of applications from countertops and walls to large scale fireplace surrounds. Thanks to a cutting-edge technology, you can now have the authentic look of marble veining with the everyday ease of porcelain. Porcelain requires zero maintenance and its durability will keep it looking stunning for years to come.






Bring graphic design savvy to your floors or walls with the bold patterns and bright color combinations of Walker Zanger’s Veranda concrete tile collection. Made with care, each tile is made by hand, one at a time with natural mineral pigments for vibrant color. A wide range of organic patterns, geometric shapes and florals all have a home in this collection, allowing you to create beautiful graphic patterns through repetition or take a boho approach by mixing and matching tiles to create your own unique design.




Ceramic and Terracotta

Inspired by the graphic whimsy of mid-century modern design, Sketchbook features organic and geometric designs in a simple palette of black, blue grey and yellow. The delicate black line work in each tile is completely hand painted, making each piece unique and bringing to an installation the unmistakable appeal of artisanship. Sketchbook tiles are perfect for adding fun visual appeal to backsplashes, bathrooms, restaurants and retail spaces.





The Kaza Collection redefines concrete with a bold and modern sensibility. Born from a collaboration between Kaza, a European tile studio and Walker Zanger, the collection is comprised of both stock products and made to order items, making it possible to find just the right design and color for almost any application. Designed by Walker Zanger, as well as by several well known European designers and architects, the designs in Kaza span the stylistic spectrum. Kaza Concrete tile is produced with state of the art concrete technology and is appropriate for interior and exterior spaces.





Ceramic and Terracotta

The Knit collection by Walker Zanger mirrors the flexibility and texture of luxury textiles to create noteworthy and beautiful designs with a simple yet modern appeal. The texture of each of the design fields—Quilt, Twill and Corduroy—expertly mimic their namesake fabric, recreating the look of quilted, woven and knitted material. The matte finish of the tile accentuates the detailed texture, but with the durability of porcelain for floor and wall applications. The tile can be closely stacked like shingles, set in a herringbone weave, or even laid out in random geometric patterns like a crocheted afghan.





Inspired by the graphic designs of the Art Deco period, Deco d’Antan explores geometric and organic patterns in a truly contemporary fashion. Durable porcelain tiles are offered in diminutive and grand sizes, for both domestic and commercial applications.





Ceramic and Terracotta

The Robert A.M. Stern Collection™ for Walker Zanger is an elegant offering of ceramic tile, directly inspired by the firm’s architectural and interior designs. From shingle clad homes in the country to elegant residences in the city, Robert A.M. Stern Architects is world renowned for contemporary interpretations of classical architecture. Walker Zanger brings this design vision to a wider audience with a collection of tiles in a multitude of colors, shapes and textures. Designed and rendered with attention to every detail, Robert A.M. Stern Collection tiles are appropriate for residential, hospitality, retail and many other applications.





Stone Mosaic

A Tangent is defined as ”a line that touches but does not intersect a curve.” It is a word that describes geometry, but also one used to describe heading off in directions unknown. Both definitions are appropriate for Walker Zanger’s new collections of decorative stone mosaics, in which abstract geometry and mid century modern design influences merge with the beauty of natural stone, creating a richness that will beguile you anew each time you see it.






The worn and lovely look of vintage barnwood is authentically reproduced in Walker Zanger’s Blendart Collection. Use it in any space, indoors or out, and bring the look of reclaimed wood to your project, while enjoying the unmatched durability of porcelain tile. Blendart is masterfully made in Italy, using the most up-to-date porcelain technology.






A mélange of textures, Stark combines the visual impressions of wood, concrete and travertine, creating an entirely new and beguiling porcelain tile surface. Realized in a neutral palette of taupe, grey and cream, Stark is well suited to both commercial and residential interiors.




Ceramic and Terracotta

Fun and functional, Walker Zanger’s Tilt™ is an eclectic new collection of stoneware mosaic patterns in an exciting variety of shapes and textures. Taking inspiration from sources as varied as Hollywood Regency, Pop Art, Gothic Carving, Flower Power and 1970s Sci Fi, Tilt presents designers and home owners with a wealth of options that can add decorative punch or create subtle geometric backdrops.





Stone Mosaic

In Walker Zanger’s Villa d’Oro collection, decorative influences from Moorish Spain mingle with Venetian Gothic and Medieval Egyptian, echoing the medley of cultural overlap in the ancient Mediterranean world. Working from historical sources, Walker Zanger stripped each design down to its graphic essence and rebuilt it in contemporary colorways and scales. Each pattern in Villa d’Oro is carefully cut and assembled from stones fittingly sourced in a variety of Mediterranean countries, creating new decorative art to enliven your modern surroundings.