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Bolder, Brighter Wood Tiles


To see this new trend and all that Exact Tile Inc. has to offer, please come by the showroom located at 108 Hayfield Rd. 37922

Tile that has the look of wood has been a steadily growing trend over the past several years because of its ability to go where no real hardwood can go, in areas that it can be subjected to water, like kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, laundry rooms, entryways, and utility rooms.


When it first began, tile that looked exactly like normal hardwood was all the rage, but since then it has been steadily evolving into a trend for 2017 that involves bolder textures, both implied and actual, brighter contrasts and overall, tiles that are much more colorful.


Instead of blending in with the hardwood that is in the rest of your house, these tiles demand your attention making it the focal point of any space, big or small.